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It's time we faced facts and came together.

The current state of the ocean shipping industry is unsustainable. Freight rate volatility, unenforceable contracts, booking downfalls, shipment rollings, compromised service quality, and blanked sailings impact everyone in the industry. Existing processes are manual, shippers, carriers and NVOCCs have an opportunity to leverage new digital solutions.

The problem, and its solution, are fundamental.

When the ocean container industry deregulated, the industry changed fundamentally, with declining service levels, bankruptcies, and
unexpected disruptions. Most other industries evolve and normalize after they are deregulated, but the container shipping industry
remains in an unsustainable state. Transformation is desperately needed.

Change will come through collaboration.

It will take people who know container shipping and understand logistics working together to solve the challenges.
As an industry, we must be prepared to change. 

ocean shipping vicious circle

An Industry Caught in a Vicious Circle

In an environment defined by no-shows, rollings, cost cutting, service slashing and holding out for better rates, no one wins. 

ocean shipping transformation

The Transformation to a Virtuous Cycle

By applying proven best practices and providing new incentives for change, a digital transformation to a virtuous cycle is possible.

Want to see how a digital, shipping exchange will work for you?

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