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Join the leading shippers and NVOCCs who are already benefiting

NYSHEX is a solution for all parties in the industry—shippers, carriers, and forwarders alike. We have collaborated with top industry leaders to create a system that leverages principles of the world’s best exchanges to answer the call of the entire shipping industry.
Hear from Kent International—one of the world's largest bicycle manufacturers and shippers—how NYSHEX is empowering their import business.

NYSHEX integrates all industry players digitally. Carriers provide shippers and NVOCCs with a range of offers clearly displaying the relevant details of their service like space availability, prices and on-time performance. Shippers and NVOCCs can immediately accept a carrier’s offer on NYSHEX and enter a binding contract.

Learn how Fornazor International, a top 100 U.S. exporter, is leveraging the exchange to address some of the biggest challenges facing their global supply chain.

Yanzhi Hu of Damco explains how NYSHEX brings a new product offer to his customers

"I think this is a unique concept that will play to my company's benefit against competition and in the long run help the industry..." Hear from Yanzhi Hu, Ocean Product Manager for Damco in the Northeast region of the U.S.

David Briggs of TSC Container Freight on the benefit of the NYSHEX Forward

st competition and in the long run help the industry..." Hear from Yanz

"Contract integrity and the ability to buy forward is the biggest hurdle we have with the container market..." David Briggs of The Scoular Company, one of the largest exporters in the United States, speaks about the advantage The NYSHEX Forward contract would provide the container shipping industry.

Lars Jensen, CEO of SeaIntelligence Consulting, explains why the industry needs NYSHEX

"One of the biggest improvements and one that is feasible within a short time frame is getting enforceable contracts..." Hear Lars' view on what the benefit of going to the digital, enforceable contract via NYSHEX would be for the container shipping industry.

Vice Chairman of Unifeeder, Jesper Præstensgaard on how NYSHEX helps create stability

"NYSHEX offers a solution to the biggest curse to the industry today, volatility of freight rates." Hear from Jesper's view on how NYSHEX is part of the solution that carriers, shippers and NVOs can count on to remove unpredictability from the supply chain.

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