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Your ocean contract, guaranteed.

Upgrade your ocean contract to include locked-in rates and fixed allocation 

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The NYSHEX Guarantee
If your cargo doesn’t move according to contract, NYSHEX will guarantee the payout of any financial penalties owed to you.

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Align expectations with your ocean carrier

  • Clarify when and where you need space and equipment
  • Ensure your volume including seasonality can be accommodated
  • Back your agreement with two-way financial guarantees

Keep track of contract compliance

  • Easily see when and where contracts are off track
  • Drill down into individual shipment milestones
  • Proactively take corrective actions when needed
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Penalties by Party gpx@2x

Save time and don’t damage your relationships

  • NYSHEX flags all contract exceptions,
  • Investigates each one to determine the party at fault
  • And guarantees fair resolution of each exception


When contracts are clear and binding, trust is restored.
Shippers and carriers can plan with greater accuracy.
Exceptions are resolved efficiently and amicably.
Both parties benefit from greater reliability and reduced cost.

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