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Your ocean contract, guaranteed.

Using your own boilerplate or ours, clarify your committed contract terms.
Our technology will track compliance, and we’ll guarantee the performance or resolution.

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The NYSHEX Guarantee
If your cargo doesn’t move according to contract, NYSHEX will guarantee that any financial penalties or MQC reductions outlined in the agreement are enforced in conjunction with the NYSHEX Member Handbook.

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Align your carriers’ expectations with your expectations

  • Clarify when and where you need space and equipment,
  • Ensure your seasonality can be accommodated, and
  • Agree how to resolve exceptions when they happen.

Keep track of contract compliance

  • Easily see when and where contracts are off track,
  • Drill down into individual shipment milestones, and
  • Proactively take corrective actions when needed.
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Penalties by Party gpx@2x

Save time and don’t damage your relationships

  • NYSHEX independently flags exceptions,
  • Convenient process to manage any disputes, and
  • Fair resolution of all exceptions is guaranteed.


The outcome is aligned expectations between shipper and carrier, performance improvements based on shared data, and peace of mind in the dispute process.

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