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Join leading shippers and NVOCCs who are already benefitting.

NYSHEX began as an unprecedented collaboration of leading shippers, carriers and forwarders united in achieving a common goal. That spirit of cooperation and co-invention continues to drive our progress as new members join every day and explore fresh ways to leverage the exchange.

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NYSHEX at Work

Featured Case Studies.

Kent International

Read how NYSHEX’s enforceable contracts provided the missing link that added much-needed reliability to Kent Bicycle’s supply chain.

The Andersons

Learn how a top-five agricultural exporter mitigates risk and adds to the bottom-line with NYSHEX.

Moen Inc.

Check out how Moen is using NYSHEX to drive out volatility in their supply chain.

Northwest Grains

Discover how NYSHEX’s all-in ocean cargo rates enable Northwest Grains to focus on making smart investments—not auditing invoices.

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The Tin Box Company

Binding contracts for secure guaranteed space at competitive rates has given TinBox net working capital savings.

OW Logistics

When a company who never stops innovating has an unwavering passion to serve their customers finds NYSHEX, good things happen.


Dunavant sees NYSHEX as a creative solution to the reliability issues in container shipping today—as well as a new way to provide value to their customers.


With NYSHEX’s reasonable and reliable contracting alternative, Damco and its customers were able to ride high throughout the extraordinary uncertainty of peak season 2018.

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