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See carrier offers for the capacity you need. Instantly buy a rock-solid contract you know will be fulfilled. And do it all within minutes.

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Compare rates all at once and all in one place.

Enter your origin and destination, ship dates and equipment type, then instantly view binding offers directly from carriers along with service performance and all the details you need to make an informed decision. There's no markup from NYSHEX; we simply make the connection and manage the contract execution.



Buy contracts with guaranteed space instantly.

Select the offer you want and immediately execute a binding NYSHEX Forward® contract that locks in your space, equipment and rate. Any time of day you can get guaranteed space on sailings up to 6 months in advance, for supply chain certainty and peace of mind like you've never had before.


Keep your booking process exactly the way it is.

NYSHEX is integrated with all the carriers on the exchange as well as 3rd party booking platforms for seamless workflow. We'll notify you when your contract is ready to be booked. And if you want to book through NYSHEX, we make that easy for you as well.


Know carrier rates months in advance (legally).

NYSHEX lets you see carrier rates from 2 weeks to 6 months in advance. Just imagine how that will improve your market price forecasting and the savings and flexibility it can provide.


Say goodbye to invoice confusion and surprises.

On NYSHEX, the carrier offers are all-in and the rates are fixed. So you'll never have surprise accessorials and your rate will never change. Your invoice will match your contract with 100% accuracy.


Paying and financing is simple and straightforward.

To hold your equipment and space on a vessel, you submit a nominal deposit that gets credited toward your balance which is due before your cargo is loaded. Learn more about credit options.


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