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Take ocean transport off your list of worries.

Spot contracts are a fact of life in shipping ocean cargo. These days, not all cargo can be planned far in advance and much cargo is not covered by carrier service contracts. As a result, 84% of shippers use the spot market.

Shippers’ reliance on the spot market comes at a cost.

Shippers face volatile freight rates on the spot market with significant price changes every week. In addition, costs are unpredictable with unexpected charges and rate hikes being a common occurrence.

Shipping on the spot market is highly unpredictable.

With spot contracts, carriers provide no space protection to shippers, so services are unreliable and rollings and blanked sailings are routine events.

NYSHEX provides an alternative.

Now shippers can enter into forward contracts offered by carriers that are secured through the New York Shipping Exchange. The NYSHEX Forward, traded exclusively on the exchange, provides benefits that neither spot contracts nor long-term service contracts offer. 

Enter contracts digitally.

On NYSHEX, shippers can receive carrier rate offers immediately and enter into contracts digitally.

Shippers receive fixed rates.

All rates offered on NYSHEX are fixed and not subject to GRIs, PSSs, or new surcharges.
That means no unexpected charges—or invoice disputes.

Service is guaranteed by carriers

Your cargo will be loaded within a specified departure window. It’s guaranteed—and carriers pay you a penalty for delays or rolling.

Join other innovative shippers on NYSHEX.

See carrier offers and secure space by becoming a member.