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Deliver a better end-to-end experience for your customers.

Global trade continues to increase year over year and you can count on your customers’ ambitions for new markets and new products to continue to grow as well. How you’ll satisfy their changing needs will determine your success.

Supply chains are becoming more sophisticated.

Today, your customers are pushing the limits, forging new deals, shipping new products and exploring new markets. Forwarders need to constantly improve their product offerings to meet these changing needs.

Customers are more adventurous, but not more tolerant of risk.

Global trade depends on flexible, yet predictable transportation services. That’s why your customers constantly seek services that de-risk their supply chains.

Presenting a new premium ocean product for your customers who value reliability.

Now you can offer your customers forward contracts with carrier guarantees that are secured by the New York Shipping Exchange.

The NYSHEX Forward provides a fixed rate and space protection.

As containerized ocean freight becomes less predictable and less flexible and carrier rates and available capacity become more difficult and complex, The NYSHEX Forward provides the stability and flexibility your clients need.

Build more effective end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Competition among forwarders continues to intensify, leaving very little margin for error. Secured contracts, with their exact rates and space protection, present you with an opportunity to offer meaningful innovation and differentiation to your customers.

Use NYSHEX to manage your own positions.

As a forwarder with your own book of business, you can use NYSHEX to directly optimize your cargo flows with secured contracts in instances where you may be exposed to rate increases or service unreliability.

Join innovative NVOCCs on NYSHEX.

See carrier offers and secure space by becoming a member.