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Decrease your downfall rates with the help of NYSHEX.

Today’s world is a downward spiral for carriers with freight rates becoming more and more volatile and shipment downfalls reaching 24-30% on TP Eastbound sailings and 60% on TP Westbound sailings. This strains carriers who end up bearing the full cost of booking downfalls and have been made responsible for shippers’ and forwarders’ shipment risks.

Improving efficiency is a $23B opportunity.

Downfalls and volatility cost the industry more than $23B a year—but reversing these trends presents the industry with tremendous economic potential.

Give your customers a new digital offering

 In today’s digital world, many of your customers are calling for digital contracting. NYSHEX allows you to give your customers
a digital contracting option that is secure, fully compliant and intuitive.

NYSHEX provides a solution to the industry’s instability.

Now carriers can offer secure forward contracts through the New York Shipping Exchange. The NYSHEX Forward, traded exclusively on NYSHEX, discourages downfalls by charging shippers a penalty for failing to fulfill the details of contracts. 

Fixed rates benefit carriers.

The NYSHEX Forward features fixed rates that enable you to better manage your revenue. Fixed rates also save you the time and resources required to requote spot rates that are continuously changing. 

Improve your network planning.

Currently, carriers are required to base major investments on network plans, service contracts and forecasts that are highly unreliable. By providing space protection, The NYSHEX Forward supports your reliable cargo flows. That assists you in your planning and uptake management.

Increase your working capital.

Freight payments are made immediately by NYSHEX—so you no longer have to wait for shippers to pay you, improving working capital and avoiding bad debt.

With NYSHEX, it’s all upside.

Become a member and start offering secured contracts that prevent downfalls and enable dynamic pricing.