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Your Challenge

As an exporter you may often find yourself short on container equipment when you need them most.

This leads to delays, additional costs, potential penalties and strained relations with clients as well as partners. In addition, when you have time-definite or sequenced cargo flows you risk delays, performance penalties, and lost business when you can’t deliver on time. This may compel you to resort to alternatives in order to prevent penalties—but the cost often outweighs those penalties.

Our Solution

When you contract on NYSHEX you guarantee your equipment and space and lock in a fixed rate.

You can reduce the impact that exceptions have on your shipments by securing your supply chain with the guarantee of the NYSHEX Forward™ contract. And through NYSHEX, you can lock in your space from 2 weeks to 6 months out. 

Your Challenge

Leveraging rate volatility is not a quick or easy process.

When ocean rates fluctuate, you want the ability to look for better options. But, checking rates and getting quotes is time-consuming. Requesting RFQs from multiple providers can take from 4 to 7 days (maybe longer). Even after executing a contract, it still comes with a risk that the provider will not have the equipment or the cost might change before booking.

Our Solution

It takes 2 minutes to search carrier offers and secure a contract.

NYSHEX enables you to lock in rates which reflect the market and guarantee their space and equipment, too. NYSHEX saves you time and effort by letting you view offers from multiple carriers all at once and all in one place. These offers are “take it or leave it” so there’s no wasted time negotiating with reps and finessing contracts.


How is Lansing Trade Group leveraging NYSHEX for success?


Your Challenge

Ocean freight invoices can be confusing.

This is due to the complexity of the process used to move containers around the world, the number of players involved, sheer volume and extreme volatility. These challenges increase the chance of errors and make invoices difficult to audit for accuracy—all of which takes extra time and increases workload. 

Our Solution

What you contract is what you pay for.

The offers on NYSHEX are fixed and all-in. So don’t expect any surprises. The offer you secure matches what you are charged with 100% invoice accuracy.


Read how NYSHEX helped Northwest Grains International.

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