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Our Culture

Thrive in a culture driven by purpose

NYSHEXers believe in the exchange. We believe in the industry collaboration that led to it. And we believe in the shipping community that supports it.

NYSHEX Core Values

We come to the office every day knowing
we're creating global impact.

We're doing something that's never been done before and using technology, creativity, grit and collaboration to do it. That's the heart of NYSHEX culture.
The good grows from there: rewards, recognition, friends, and fun.



We make a difference in the world every day. What we do has impact on the lives and livelihoods of our members and in turn enables them to impact global trade.



Dependability is foundational to everything we say and do—from executing contracts to promptly responding to emails. By holding ourselves accountable, we’re helping make global ocean transport more reliable.



We know the shippers, carriers and forwarders who use NYSHEX, and they know us. We see the person on the other end of everything we do, and we 100% have their back.



There’s nothing more important to us than honoring and earning our members’ trust. It is the ultimate prize. Our members’ success depends on it and our exchange is built on it. 



We owe our very existence to an unprecedented collaboration of shipping industry leaders.
Knowing that, we value ideas from everywhere and everyone. We listen deeply and share freely.

NYSHEX Customer Testimonials
What we're doing is tangible. It's like we're tapping into this industry that literally allows global commerce to happen. This has been a very cool career opportunity.
NYSHEX_MatthewHeadshot@2x Matt Rosenberg Lead Product Engineer

Meet More of the People who are making history with NYSHEX

Our Team