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Our Board

Comprised of Top Leaders from the Shipping World

A close collaboration of industry innovators and thought leaders direct every phase of NYSHEX's development.

Board Members

Our board is a diverse representation
of the members that NYSHEX serves.


Jeremy Haycock

​CEO US East Coast, Gulf and Canada | DAMCO

“Given many other great developments in our industry, it seems strange that carriers still manually offer freight rates to their customers, usually in face-to-face meetings or lengthy email exchanges. Thankfully, now NYSHEX has a digital contracting solution that allows carriers to centralize and automate the process, without losing control of their pricing and segmentation strategies.”


Jesper Praestensgaard

Managing Partner | Humanostics

“The biggest curse for our industry is unreliability. There is a big opportunity to improve the way we enter freight contracts. NYSHEX facilitates this transformation, allowing us to rebuild the trust and service levels between carriers, shippers and NVOCCs.”


Bjorn Jensen

​​VP Global Logistics | Electrolux

“Improving the inefficiencies in pricing and contracting in the container shipping industry is one of the biggest opportunities we have. It has been a resource intensive and frustrating process for most shippers for years. NYSHEX brings much needed innovation to this area, immediately improving efficiencies for shippers while enabling the carriers to better manage their cargo flows and service networks. I am proud to represent the interest of global shippers as a member of the board.”


Gordon Downes


"The response to NYSHEX from carriers, shippers and forwarders has been very encouraging. From the start, NYSHEX has been developed collaboratively together with industry leaders, and going forward it will always be governed fairly and transparently by representatives selected by the members. This gives NYSHEX the credibility and trust that is needed to solve some of our industry challenges."


Mark Michaels


“For the forwarders who are open to innovation, NYSHEX is a great opportunity to offer a new ‘guaranteed ocean’ product. I’m also sure the contract logistics forwarders will find innovative ways to use NYSHEX to improve their control tower capabilities and to manage freight rate risks.”


​Rana Yared

Managing Director | Goldman Sachs Principal Strategic Investments

“As a leading global capital markets participant and active investor in the exchange space, we are pleased to partner with NYSHEX and support their efforts to innovate in the freight market."


Nick Fafoutis

Senior VP, Sales & CCO | CMA CGM (America) LLC

“The CMA CGM group has a heavy interest in what the digital future looks like for container shipping. We believe that digital innovation enables us to provide new options to our customers making it easier to do business with us. This is why CMA CGM made the founding member investment in NYSHEX."


Jochen Gutschmidt

Head Global Logistics Procurement | Nestlé

“It is a great opportunity and honour to represent global shippers on the board of NYSHEX. The freight contracting process has not really evolved in decades, if ever, and NYSEHX has all it needs: from people to technology - to innovate and drive transparency, accountability as well as compliance in what’s a tedious and for many frustrating process in today’s global logistics world."


Donald Davis

SVP Regional Sales and Customer Service | Hapag-Lloyd AG

"Hapag-Lloyd invested in NYSHEX to take a proactive role in solving the industry challenges of unreliability and unpredictability caused by complex and antiquated contracting practices. We recognize that this is something that cannot be solved without collaboration and strict compliance. NYSHEX offers all BCOs, NVOCCs and Ocean Carriers an equal and unbiased method for innovating a contract where all players honor their commitments."

Our Shipping and Carrier Members and Investors Set the Agenda in Their Fields.