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Our Board

Comprised of Top Leaders from the Shipping World

A close collaboration of industry innovators and thought leaders direct every phase of NYSHEX's development.

Board Members

Our board is a diverse representation
of the members that NYSHEX serves.


Jesper Praestensgaard

Managing Partner | Humanostics

“The biggest curse for our industry is unreliability. There is a big opportunity to improve the way we enter freight contracts. NYSHEX facilitates this transformation, allowing us to rebuild the trust and service levels between carriers, shippers and NVOCCs.”

Zach Fields-2

Zach Fields

Growth Equity Investor | Goldman Sachs

“As an active investor in the financial technology and supply chain space, we seek to partner with founders and CEOs to build enduring businesses by harnessing the global network and deep industry expertise of Goldman Sachs. We are pleased to be investors in NYSHEX, and work with them to grow their unique offering within the supply chain and logistics industry.” 

Peter Hildebrandt - NYSHEX Board Member

Peter Hildebrandt


“New technologies are important to Maersk as we continue to innovate. What we like most about NYSHEX is their technology clearly benefits both shippers and carriers, and their governance structure ensures they stay focused on providing great technology and service to their shipper and carrier members. I’m delighted to expand our partnership with NYSHEX by joining their board of directors, and I look forward to working with the other directors and the NYSHEX management team.”


Jochen Gutschmidt

Global Freight Lead | Nestlé

“It is a great opportunity and honour to represent global shippers on the board of NYSHEX. The freight contracting process has not really evolved in decades, if ever, and NYSEHX has all it needs: from people to technology - to innovate and drive transparency, accountability as well as compliance in what’s a tedious and for many frustrating process in today’s global logistics world."


Nick Fafoutis

CCO | CMA CGM America

“The CMA CGM group has a heavy interest in what the digital future looks like for container shipping. We believe that digital innovation enables us to provide new options to our customers making it easier to do business with us. This is why CMA CGM made the founding member investment in NYSHEX."

April for Board Page-2

April Zobel

Export Traffic Manager | The Andersons

"In the two years which we’ve been utilizing NYSHEX we have found tremendous value and real solutions for our supply chain.  NYSHEX has become a regular part of our procurement strategy as it is a way to guarantee that we’ll have equipment and space to serve our customers.  I was excited to serve on the initial NYSHEX Member Council, contributing to organization direction and now I’m thrilled to become even more involved by joining the Board of Directors.  Shippers and carriers have been trying for years to enforce their agreements, and NYSHEX has proven to be that neutral protector of carrier-shipper relationships."

Phil London - NYSHEX Board Member

Phil London, Ph.D.

Technology Management Consultant and Advisor

“An opportunity for technological transformation in a legacy industry that binds the world together is too important to ignore.   I’m excited to work with the NYSHEX team to drive technology innovation in the shipping industry. “


Gordon Downes


"Unreliability is a daunting challenge for container shipping, but the potential benefits to both shippers and carriers are enormous. The great news is the technology we have developed at NYSHEX is working. With thousands of containers shipped, reliability has improved by well over 20%! As we continue to innovate and develop our technology, it’s great to work with a board of directors comprised of innovators and leaders from carriers, shippers, financial services and our investors"


Mark Michaels

​Co-founder | NYSHEX

“For the forwarders who are open to innovation, NYSHEX is a great opportunity to offer a new ‘guaranteed ocean’ product. I’m also sure the contract logistics forwarders will find innovative ways to use NYSHEX to improve their control tower capabilities and to manage freight rate risks.”

Our Shipping Members and Investors
Set the Agenda in Their Fields.