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Container Freight Rate Volatility and the NYSHEX Solution

In a recent JOC.com article, Peter Tirschwell, iHS Maritime & Trade's Senior Content Officer, explored the impact rate volatility is having on carrier shipper relationships. The article, while not about NYSHEX, strikes at the heart of the problem that we have been fighting since our company's inception: container freight rate volatility. In the article, Peter describes concerns from carriers and shippers alike that arise due to not only volatility but also increased unreliability in the industry. With NYSHEX, BCOs now have a choice to secure guaranteed volumes with NYSHEX. In this blog post, we offer BCOs some best practices for including NYSHEX in their ocean freight strategy.

How Expertise in Securities Trading Will Transform Ocean Freight

­­I've always been drawn to and involved in markets. Looking back over the past two decades of my life the type of market has changed yet the basic functions have remained the same: there are buyers, sellers, a product or service that is exchanged, and an arena for those transactions to take place.