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Block Deals Inspired by Equity Markets Are Transforming Shipping

Transitioning from 15 years of working for an ocean carrier to a financial technology company, I had a lot to learn about Wall Street, exchanges, and how markets function. I mean, I'm a business major with a well-performing E*trade account, but even after three years in the Financial District with NYSHEX, I still have aha moments as I observe firsthand, the fundamentals of financial exchanges making shipping less erratic and frustrating for all of us.

The F-word on Everyone's Lips Right Now

In light of the current situation with COVID-19, the term "Force Majeure" has been getting thrown around a lot lately.

International Women's Day Spotlight

We have an epic team at NYSHEX! To celebrate International Women's Day, we interviewed two of our powerhouse NYSHEX women to ask them their thoughts about the future and what they would say to the next generation of women in shipping.

De-Risking Your Supply Chain: Protecting Against Pandemic Panic

It would be unwise to approach the Coronavirus or COVID-19 with anything less than caution and vigilance with more than 126,000 confirmed cases and almost 4,600 deaths globally to date. We’re witnessing in real-time, the impact of the virus’s spread; from travel bans, empty retail shelves, complete lock-downs and the cancellation of gatherings like TPM20. As the virus, and the associated fear, spreads, containment controls and their consequences are likely to become more severe.

NYSHEX Now Supports Service Contracts

Today is an exciting day!