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For years, we were the shippers, NVOCCs, and carriers calling for change and a better way. Our beliefs have brought us together.


We care about the same things as you.

We understand that the volatility and instability in the container shipping industry undermines global trade because we have felt their effects firsthand. And we know that our traditional ways of doing business are unsustainable in the digital age.


A digital, enforceable solution you can get behind.

NYSHEX introduces an entirely different way for all parties in the industry to relate to one another—one born of the needs and aspirations of our industry and one that builds perfectly on the proven concept of exchanges. Every shipper, NVOCC and carrier stands to benefit from the digital transformation of our industry.


Become part of the solution on NYSHEX.

NYSHEX is building the system world trade can move on by fixing historic inefficiencies in container shipping. Everything we do at NYSHEX helps the people who enable global trade do their job better. Every new feature we introduce contributes to the improvement of an industry that is vital to people and economies around the world. We’re creating global change, and you could, too. Add your voice by becoming a member.