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NYSHEX works with six of the top ten ocean carriers to provide reliability to shippers globally.


$23 billion is wasted annually which costs both shippers and carriers

Carriers and shippers are caught in a vicious cycle that results in unreliability and damaged trust:

  • Carrier and shipper expectations are often misaligned,
  • There is limited visibility into how both parties are performing, and
  • Issues are not resolved quickly and outcomes are not always fair.
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The Solution for Unreliability

NYSHEX contracts have achieved a 99% fulfillment rate. Our solution has proven that there are three critical components to a reliable and effective shipping contract:

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Clarity of terms

Create contracts with terms, standards, and expectations that are clear and fair.

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Visibility of performance

Independent monitoring of carrier and shipper performance to each contract, providing details to a container event level.

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Exception resolution

Safeguard your relationships with timely, impartial, and digital resolution of issues.

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When contracts are clear and binding, trust is restored and reliability is improved

  • Shippers and carriers can plan with greater accuracy,
  • Exceptions are resolved efficiently and amicably, and
  • Both parties benefit from greater reliability and reduced cost.

What members are saying

NYSHEX Customer Testimonials
“NYSHEX is a very innovative, but simple concept. I would recommend that any shipper seeking true visibility should take a long look at how NYSHEX could work for them.”

Michael Bauer International Transportation and Customs Manager
NYSHEX Customer Testimonials
“Since joining NYSHEX in 2018, we have seen great value in terms of enhanced relationships with our customers through the ability to better plan based on committed capacity and equipment demand.”    
Peter Hildebrandt Vice President and Senior Transformation Partner
NYSHEX Customer Testimonials
“Now we've actually got a more secure way of offering a booking during peak season that we know is going to sail and a lot of our customers are starting to embrace that.”

Matthew Koivisto Head of Ocean Product, East Area